Build Chapter 5

1. Memory Verses

Quizlet Memory Verse Tool — a great tool to help you with the memory verses for each chapter.

2. Application Worksheets

Day 3:

Day 5:

3. Day Six Tools & Resources

Watch the Building Your Finances God’s Way Video — Challenges & Crisis

Download the video transcript 

Listen to the Day 6 audio notes

4. Additional Tools for The Journey

To help you on your financial discipleship journey, we have provided a few practical resources from a variety of people in the financial world. The resources listed below are related to what you’ve learned in Chapter 5. Our goal is not to promote specific products or resources, but to simply help you make informed decisions.

5. See their story!

See this woman’s courageous journey of navigating through a devastating crisis. If you think this story will encourage others, please share the video!